Presentation in English

I’m a watercolour painter by nature: distemper, water, pigment, paint that randomly spreads on the raw canvas, the drying which leads to another path that I follow, like an adventure. Then the text, the writing, the handwriting with a feather or pencil lying on the paper; hesitations, crossing-outs, transfers, sayings added by those authors what we all know or that we think we know. For entering those writer’s and musician’s “drafts” allows to slide into the emotion, the story, the life of each of them. I let myself be guided with lyricism into the gesture of painting, into colours, lines, violence or tranquility. Reading published works, biographies and the search for manuscripts are feeding me and are leading me towards personal creations and interpretations which become artworks to talk about, to discuss, or simply love at first sight.

– Extract from the presentation at the Cultural Fougères center exhibition by Marc Baron

« We can all understand the fascination that Catherine Joyeux has in front of our rivers of writing, to go back to the origins, the first manuscripts, even the sketches sometimes with successive reworking, crossing-outs, scratching, devastated drafts, those battlefields which show well that good and evil, light and shadow were around here.

Catherine Joyeux is sensitive to a writing not only to the style, but also precisely for the life that it carries. This implies that before the beginning of a work, she has to slide into the words to get to the other side of the mirror and give a soul to a writing which can finally reveal its secrets.


“ Splendid artist with artworks that create deep emotions… Visit, share, like with no moderation… Art is useless but essential,this is proof !”

Eric Angelo Bellini.

“I am also a big fan of Catherine, a complete and unique artist! I suggest that everyone visits her website and buys with no restraint.

Céline Duprat.

Catherine Joyeux par Christophe MARIS

« What a wonderful show! Amazed by these paintings completely different from what is usually done. The connection between writing and painting create a lot of emotions. Your inspiration from our writers and our musicians highlights your writing culture…

When is your next exhibition ?